It’s funny how things change. When I was younger, I used to get so mad at my brother for hogging the TV playing video games. I could never understand how anyone could spend hours playing a game.

Now I do.

Now, my brother and I have deep conversations about Pokemon.

I come home after work, open YouTube and catch up on E3 2017. I’ve played PlayStation games but I only own a Nintendo 3DS. My financial situation has been tragic a while. Also, I probably wouldn’t do anything else if I got the consoles I wanted. Yes, consoles as in more than one. I’m already kinda addicted to Fire Emblem: Heroes. There’s a new Pokemon game coming out for the 3DS. That’s definitely gonna take up most of my bandwidth.

I really, really want the Switch.

I got a little sidetracked. The trailers from E3 got me hyped. They have better musical scores than most movie trailers. It was difficult picking a couple of trailers I liked. I didn’t want this post to be too long so here are five:

The Evil Within 2
I love this trailer. It’s so trippy.

Hidden Agenda
I’d get a PlayStation just for this. I really enjoyed Until Dawn.

Detroit: Become Human
My goodness, this trailer’s intense and emotional.

Nintendo stepped up their game.

The Inpatient

This looks so creepy.

Are you watching E3? What’s your favorite trailer. 


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