Celebrating the Holidays with this Wild Yet Loving Family from The Merging Worlds Series

Christmas snuck up on me. Anyone else feel like that? I can’t believe it’s next week. I haven’t even done my New York tradition. I usually take an evening to walk from 34th to 57th Street, enjoying the Macy’s windows and then the light show on Saks Fifth Avenue. Just walking up 5th Avenue at night during the holiday season is a treat. Here’s how one family in my Merging Worlds series would celebrate the holidays:

Rayne Stelwart-Tahylur would not be into the holidays. That child does not know how to unwind. Rayne wouldn’t be a Grinch. He’d sit back with a bored expression then smile like he’s having the time of his life when certain family members looked at him. He’d get into fights with anyone obstructing his family’s fun. In the end, he’d be the one giving the best gifts.

His Mom, Nocturne Tahylur, would be that person who’d overdecorate the house. She’d make most of the pieces herself because what would be the fun of purchasing everything. She’d buy terrible sweaters for Rayne and make him wear them. Rayne would do it because he couldn’t say no to his mom. Nocture would crash after the holiday and be a pain to live with for a month.

Nocturne’s older brother, Maverick Tahylur, would spend part of the holiday traveling Jael, giving gifts to orphaned children. His brother, Charlemagne, would go with him because he likes meeting new people and he enjoys traveling with Maverick. They’d return home with strange gifts the family members don’t know how to use.

Their father, Resnick Tahylur, would take charge even though no one needs him too. He’d dictate where the decorations go, what food they should make and even what gifts everyone needed. He believes they wouldn’t have any fun without his guidance. He’d inspire a new tradition of everyone finding creative ways to do what they wanted under his watchful eye.

Elihona Taylur (who you won’t meet until book 4) wouldn’t celebrate at all. Not because she’s uninterested. With all the fighting, training and traveling she does, she just forgets. If she happens to be someplace or with someone that’s festive during that time, she might take a moment and enjoy the season. Most years, the season goes by without her realizing a holiday is stuffed in there.

Do you have a holiday tradition?