Which Dark Fantasy Design Do You Like Best?

I’ve wanted to make this blog audenjohnson.com instead of audenstreasury.blogspot.com for a while now.  I was hesitant because I didn’t want to lose all the traffic I worked 6 years to gain. But, articles showed I could change the URL in a way that when people went to the blogpsot address they’d be directed to audenjohnson.com. I officially changed the URL. I’ve tested it and it works! There’s a special feeling that comes from having your own domain name.

In September, I’ll be attending a book festival. I need to prepare now so all the materials arrive on time. My publisher asked me to create a poster for our booth. Of course, I created 3 and I can’t figure out which one to use. That’s where you come in. Voting for a design worked beautifully for the Sciell symbol. You guys have great taste.  

I had more than a little fun desigining these posters. I started out making a more traditional author poster but knew I could create something a bit different. I pulled inspiration from different kinds of ads. Of course, I collected those images on a Pinterest board.

Here are the 3 designs. Use the form at the end of the post to vote. Thanks for your help! Results will be posted on May 30th. 
Turned Pages

Try to imagine Turned Pages without the Shutterstock watermark. If this poster wins, I’ll buy the stock image so those marks on the page won’t be in the final design.

Dark Forest

Twisted Adventure