The SFF Week in Links: Blizzard, Gemini Man, Creepy Sonic Mask

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A lot of chatter about Blizzard. A player made a comment supporting the pro-democracy protesters in Hong King and Blizzard came down on him hard. Then, the internet came down on Blizzard even harder.

Gemini Man came out with Will Smith battling his younger self. Some mixed reviews on it. Doesn’t look like the movie did well in the box office. Sad but not surprising. The people behind this movie didn’t do a lot of advertising for it. I forgot about it until reviews appeared in my feed. Maybe they were leaning too heavy on Will Smith playing the lead, thinking that would be enough to bring people in. Marvel had 23 movies to advertise Endgame and they still drowned us in ads before and after the movie dropped.

Speaking of… we got more celebrities bad-mouthing Marvel movies. *Rolls Eyes.*

Not sci-fi/fantasy related, sort of, but Japan is in the path of a typhoon. Yesterday, the sky turned an odd purple color. It’s not confirmed whether or not the incoming storm caused the sky to turn that color. There are different reasons a sky turns purple, a storm is one of the causes.  #PrayforJapan


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Blizzard Bans Hearthstone Pro Over Hong Kong Protest Support

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  1. I would love to see Marvel do some variation on the Fearless Defenders- an all woman team of heroes that they had several years ago for a twelve issue run.

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