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“I would like, if I may, to take you on a strange journey.”

Happy Halloween!!! To celebrate the Month of Horror, I have a gift for you. A free dark fantasy/paranormal ebook, The Unburned Island!


A scream opened the silence. Not a panic, fear-fill cry. This was the sound of a deranged predator catching the scent of its prey. It sounded like shifter cries. The screams were far away and getting closer. Fear was irrational. The shifters were hostile but they’d never kill anyone. Roars shook the forest. That wasn’t the sound of someone trying to be threatening. Those shifters wanted blood. The demons did something to them.

En stuffed the emergency supplies back in the bag. He gathered Kiran in his arms and stood.

“We need to hide,” he said.

“From shifters. Are you insane?” Sona said. “They can smell us.”

“Leta?” En turned to the dragon.

“I can’t fly you but I can burn them.”

En clicked his tongue. “I’d rather not kill them. We’d be in more trouble later.”

“Forget your trouble.” Sona was almost screaming. “I’d rather be alive later.”

“Find us a place to hide,” En said through his teeth.

The screams were closer now. The shifters knew where they were but for some reason they were moving slowly. They hadn’t transformed.

Sona swore. He handed his bag to Leria and transformed. Leta too handed Leria his bag and shifted. Sona sniffed the air. He folded his tall ears back and raced across the forest. They ran after him. The savage cries chased them.

Branches reached for them. Roots tried to trip them. The land seemed to come alive with one purpose, get in their way.

Fire lit the forest. Intense heat burned the back of her neck. The screams turned to angry growls.

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