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    Fantasy Art and a Story: Beleondin City

    Vidar was frowning again. Neru tapped his friend’s foot under the table to get his attention. Vidar had been staring out the train window since they sat, eyes locked on Beleondin City as it shrank behind the trees. “It was nicer than I imagined.” He’d been saying that same line for the past week. Like always, Neru nodded in agreement. People outside told terrible stories about that city. Tales of savage monsters hunting in shadows even during the day. Of ritual sacrifices to a cursed deity. Barbaric people living in a wicked city. It had all been so far off the mark Neru wondered where those lies originated. Maybe people…

  • Fantasy Artwork,  Story and Photos

    Fantasy Artwork: Reaching for Freedom

    For just a moment, he wanted to be left alone. Drifting across the water with such beautiful scenery should have been relaxing except his phone kept ringing. He had tried once, leaving his phone at home or at least, turning it off. The amount of rage that came down on him from friends and co-workers had destroyed the peace he had gained. He had warned them all beforehand and yet he was still called selfish and irresponsible. His phone rang once again. This time it was his boss asking him to do something that could’ve waited until Monday. Was it so wrong to want a moment to himself? Everyone said…

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    Fantasy Artwork: Bringing a Fictional Landscape to Life

    No animals greeted Hayan as he strolled. Tree branches didn’t bend to welcome him. Everything was still as if his forest died standing up. Leaves on a nearby tree glowed purple but it was a pale shade. The tree across from him was dark. Withered, dull-colored leaves rained down on him each time the wind blew. He pressed his hand to the dead tree. E’Sully was crying. “You’re not a prison are you,” he said. The glowing tree shuddered. Times like these, when he was connected to the land, Haylan couldn’t see it as a monster determined to punish them for some unknown crime. (From Eaters of Darkness) The energy…