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    World-Building Inspiration: Macro Nature Photography

    She didn’t know how she got small enough to use a mushroom as a house. The answer sat on the edge of her memory but no matter how hard she concentrated, it wouldn’t move within reach. It has been years, maybe centuries. She watched the tall people grow up and grow old. She never changed. She screamed for their attention but her small voice never touched them. She climbed a tree but something stopped them from hearing her cries for help. But, that was years ago. It wasn’t supposed to matter anymore. Maybe the stories were true. Maybe the people underground did make you remember unpleasant things. She was close…

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    Spring Macro Photography

    I stumbled onto some little spring treasures on my walk with Oreo. Flowers are pretty in general, especially during the spring when they’re everywhere. But, it’s more interesting to find unusual ones. My neighborhood has a lot of red and yellow tulips so when I see other colors, I get excited. Photographing these flowers straight on creates a beautiful shot. Beautiful but boring. Fortunately, no one was on the sidewalk at the time so I didn’t have to worry about being in people’s way. I parked myself in front of those flowers, got as close to them as I could and experimented. Sometimes, a straight-on photo will work if I…