Pottermore Opens

Pottermore is open to the public! I was gonna blog about something else but seriously, what else matters now? More Harry Potter so, I’m excited. Can you tell? 😉 As a writer, I’ll be taking notes. As I’ve said before, I’m really interested in how technology will change the way we Read more…

Pottermore Shop

Pottermore Shop is open. Harry Potter eBooks and digital audio books are now available. The prices are pretty good too. Awesomness! I already own all the books but I might buy an eBook just because it’s Harry Potter. Funny thing is, years ago, the idea of reading an eBook did nothing for me but I’ve Read more…


So everyone, well almost everyone, has been talking about Pottermore. It’s Harry Potter related- that’s all anyone knew for sure. I heard it was going to be an Augment Reality Game which would have been really interesting. J.K Rolwing announced today on Youtube what Pottermore is. First of all, what Read more…

HP7 Part 2

Just returned from the movies and saw an epic preview for Harry Potter 7 Part 2. This one is better then the first.  I had to share it! I cannot wait for July!! I do not cry during movies but some tears might be shed for this one.

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