Nintendo 3DS

I got a Nintendo 3DS and I have to say I’m impressed. I was a little skeptical but well done hope they keep it up and not let PlayStation and Xbox walk all over the system like they did with the Wii. I’m not technical and I have plenty of room to grow as a gamer so if you want a more in-depth review check out IGN and CNET Reviews.

3DS is not perfect but as the first of it’s kind, I didn’t expect it to be. The first time I used it, I got a headache that lasted awhile, like I got on the train later and didn’t want to read, which is unusual for me. But, I’m happy to say, I can play for ages now and not get any headaches. The 3DS graphic reminds me of those 3D cards that used to come with toys and are now covers for Blu-Ray 3D except it moves. 

But that being said, I was totally geekin’ out when I turned it out and now I’m caring it around with me. I don’t even turn it off. Big plus, it comes with a 2G SD card. It has Face Raiders and AR Games already on it. I enjoy Face Raiders. You take pictures of people’s faces and they become superimposed on things like helmets, cubes or wall eating bugs. You shoot balls at them. If you win the stage by defeating the boss you collect that face. What’s great about Face Raiders is that the background is your room and you have to move the 3DS around in order to find and hit the faces.
I started by using by own face until I saw the note saying you could use faces from pictures. It was hilarious taking pictures of people’s face’s I’m not a fan of like Stephenie Meyers and Rush Limbaugh shooting balls at their faces. The more faces you collect the more stages you can play. 
You play AR Games with cards, included in the box. You aim the camera at one of the cards and a small square box appears. It opens to a game of target practice that, like Face Raiders, uses your room as background. Also like Face Raiders, you’ll have to get up and move around in order to hit all the targets. Other cards are of famous Nintendo characters like Mario. With these cards you can have Mario standing and posing on any surface (awesome). 
If you create a Mii, enable the feature StreetPass and pass someone on the street with StreetPass enabled, you exchange Miis. Through this, you can collect dozens of Miis.  I’ve gotten two by walking into Best Buy in Union Square. 

I also bought Samurai Warriors: Chronicles 3D. (Like I’m going to buy a 3D gaming system without a 3D game). I’m not familiar with other versions but I love this one. I had problems at first navigating with the circle pad. After awhile my thumb would cramp up but that’s probably just me. When I got into it, I couldn’t stop. I was blown away by the intro video in 3D.  Now I’m waiting with bated breath for Zelda and Mario Kart.

Apparently, in an upcoming update, I’ll be ale to open an internet browser and download games but at this point, I’ve been unable to do either. Hopefully Nintendo will get on that soon.

 3DS is the coolest thing ever!