Beautiful Fall

I love taking pictures! Nature photography is a new hobby of mine. Didn’t know I’d enjoyed it so much until a couple of months ago. Before I bought my Canon SX510, I was taking pictures, mostly, with my phone, which did not do what I needed. I was beyond excited when I got my fancy camera.

Over the weekend, I went to Green-Wood Cemetery. Who spends a Saturday walking through a cemetery? Well, I do and I had fun. I know how that sounds. Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn is actually a historical landmark with graves over two centuries old. It’s beautiful and peaceful.

4 thoughts on “Beautiful Fall

  1. Spectacular shots, Auden!

    I see that namesake goose of ours looks quite pleased with him or herself…

  2. Gorgeous! I love the one where the tree trunk looks red. So pretty.

    I'm loving your blog font too.

    1. Thanks, Kelly! That pic was an experiment. The sun was going down and I liked how it hit the tree, so I took a pic of it to see if I could. Glad it came out.

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