Movie Review: Godzilla 3D

I’ve never been a huge fan of monster movies. The only Godzilla movie I saw was Godzilla vs. Mothra and I don’t even remember that one. But, the trailer for the new Godzilla movie looked awesome! I knew I had to be on that. I’m glad I saw it. This isn’t your typical mindless monster destroys city plot.

It was really good. I was surprised. I’m a bit tired of people remaking movies I saw when I was a kid. Apparently, some movies are ripe for a 21st century reboot. Godzilla looked amazing. This was not some B monster movie with bad effects. The visuals got your heart going. They sucked you into the movie.

Now you know I had to do this.

The first time Godzilla stood, when that camera panned his entire awesomeness, everyone in the theater cheered. 

The movie was told from the point-of-view of the people around the monster. Godzilla had more of a human element. This also meant we didn’t see Godzilla, the monster, a lot. I got a good eye-full of him, but I wanted more. We did get some great action scenes. Again, I wanted more. Bottom line, don’t worry, the trailer is vague, but we do see all of Godzilla.

Most of the time though, I did enjoy this perspective. It gave us the calm before the storm kinda thing. It emphasized just how awesome Godzilla is. In one scene, the beach water receded, a lot, because Godzilla was coming out of the ocean. In another, we saw this massive wave as Godzilla rose to the surface.

I like the idea of only seeing pieces of Godzilla. Made the movie more exciting.

The director knew what to do to emphasis Godzilla.

The characters weren’t monster movie stupid. I was a bit annoyed by their automatic reaction to throw a NUC at the problem. I mean, does that ever work?! Despite that, I cared about the people. It wasn’t just a monster movie. It had a good heart-warning story to it. What was even more amazing was that even the monsters had personalities and stories.

This is a movie you see in the theater. I can’t imagine it being as exciting to watch on a small screen. And, yes, the 3D was amazing.

This had to have been the hardest review to write. I can’t talk about the full epicness that is this movie because it’ll spoil the fun. The people behind Godzilla are keeping a tight fist around the movie stills. I couldn’t find that many images, which is unusual. I like this approach. They’re making sure people who review Godzilla don’t spoil it. Well played.