So NYC is buckling down for a record breaking blizzard. I’m a bit tired of these once-in-a-lifetime storms.  Anyway, Snowmageddon is upon us. Time for hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows, my tablet and a good book. Okay, food and water too.

Here are my fav books for a day in.

You know when books are loved.
I’m a sucker for fun characters and witty dialogue. Luck in the Shadows and Dreams Made Flesh has both. 

This book has some amazing insights into writing. 

Gotta love old school horror.

I might spend the day catching up on Bleach manga. I’m way behind.

Just noticed none of these (except for the manga) are recently published books. I haven’t read any new books that I was blown away by. I love me some manga though.

What’s your favorite book for a day in?

Today’s the last day to get Devdan Manor for free. Download now. It’s a good story for a snow day 😉 


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