My least favorite season was winter. There’s no escaping the cold and then the snow…the snow turns a 3 hour train ride into a 6 hour nightmare. It messes up roads. It turns sidewalks into ice slides.

But, the snow is starting to grow on me. Until this year, I hadn’t played in it since I was a kid. Since I’m getting into photography, I’m learning the beauty of a snowy landscape. It’s so inspiring.

Oreo loves the snow. I can’t help feeling light-hearted watching her tiny body leaping through the snow. 

She gets snow matted in her hair. The only way to get it is to let it melt, which means a wet floor. The below pic came from the snow I got over the new year when I was in DC.

I threw snowballs with the family dog Peaches.

It’s a good thing dogs don’t read blogs or get embarrassed. I’ve been posting a lot of fun pics of Oreo across social media.

The snow turned my neighborhood in Brooklyn into a greeting card.


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