The Week in Links 4/24/15: Jurassic World, Diversity Panels, Planning Book Tours, Agents of SHIELD


mxdwm: ‘The Cabin in the Woods’ – Can You Copyright a Genre?
SF Signal: MIND MELD: Characters That Will Still Be Around in the 22nd Century
Neil Clarke: Top Ten Most Common Short Story Names
Karen Woodward: Terror vs Horror: The Anticipated vs The Actual
The Diamondback: What Sad Puppies gets wrong about science fiction and political correctness Five Epic Fantasies with Gender Equal Societies
io9: Why Even Magic Needs To Play By The Rules In Fiction

Writing and Publishing
The Guardian: Median earnings of professional authors fall below the minimum wage
dbw: Ten Great Ebook Production Tools
Justina Ireland: An Unpopular Opinion about Diversity Panels

“Diversity panels do not help further the cause of diversity…. But they suffer from an echo chamber effect that diversified panels, panels where a member happens to be from a marginalized group, do not face. Diversity panels make conference organizers feel like they’re doing their part to further diversity,…to get the people who don’t care to start thinking about diversity you have to put it in front of their face when they aren’t thinking about it.”

Writer Unboxed: Creating Strong Female Protagonists
Writer Unboxed: Shame and Your Writing Career
Jami Gold: What Kind of Advice Works for You?

io9: The Agents of SHIELD Spinoff Will Follow Mockingbird and Lance Hunter
The Escapist: Dark Fantasy Avengers Assemble! Check Out This Superhero Fan Art
The Verge: Netflix begins streaming The X-Files in HD
Nerdist: Marvel to Partner with Telltale Games in 2017
Nerd Reactor: Broadening the horizons: The popularity of open world games
Anime News Network: Fan Goes Above and Beyond to Create 50m Tall Dancing AR Colossal Titan

My book arrived Wednesday!!! Chains of the Sciell is twice as large as The Sciell. I didn’t realize how long it is until I was holding it. This thing is doorstop. Glad I split the story. That book would’ve been twice as big.