Book Launch Tips

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Chains of the Sciell is out!

Check out a review it got yesterday from Natural Bri!

Since this is book launch week, I wanted to research any special promotional ideas. You know, to see if there was anything more I could do.

Here are some useful articles I found about launching a book and some things I learned from my own experiences. I should’ve thought about this weeks, maybe even months, ago. I’ll know for next time.

  1. Create a tweetable free chapter 9 Ways to Use Social Media to Launch a Book
  2. Form a launch team How to Launch a Bestselling Book
  3. Create a video 😉 Behind the Scenes: Creating an Author Video
  4. A Blog Tours helps and hiring someone to manage your tour doesn’t cost that much. I paid Goddess Fish $95 for a 10-12 stop tour. I expected to pay a lot more. So far, I’m happy with the results. 
  5. Start a hashtag campaign. My characters mold energy from Darkness into anything they can think of. I’m creating a video talking about that and what I’d do if I could mold energy from Darkness. Then, I’ll turn the question to the viewers. They can respond using #ChainsofTheSciell
  6. Use keywords. In your title, in your description, etc. Let your book be found! 15 Things I Learned Launching My Book
  7. Don’t be afraid to fail. If you have a promotion idea and have the resources for it, do it. You won’t know the results until you try it. 
  8. Build your email list. 71 Ways to Promote and Market Your Book This, obviously, should be done way in advance. 
  9. Do a Sale. 10 Free (or Mostly Free) Book Launch Strategies If your book is part of a series, think about discounting the first book. I’m thinking of dropping the price on The Sciell for a limited time. This isn’t easy to do with BookBaby. Unlike Amazon KDP, the price change can take over a week to apply to all the online retailers. 
  10. Focus on the long game. Jeff Goin’s on What I Learned from Launching My First Best Seller