photography tips for newbies

Photography 101: Resources for Newbies

photography tips for newbies

Special Announcements! Shutterstock accepted two of my photos!! Still, still blown away. They also rejected some saying the shots are poorly lit, out of focus, or not composed properly. This started me on a new adventure–researching photography tips and Photoshop fixes. Ideally, I want to take a class, but I don’t have the money right now. To Google.

Here are some articles that helped me:

10 best photography tips for beginners

10 Quick Tips to Fix Your Bad Photos

Rule of Thirds

An Introduction to Image Composition: How to Crop

The 7 Tips for getting tack-sharp photos every time

How to Fix Overexposed Photos in Photoshop

This Infographic is a Complete Guide to Photography for Beginners

Since I’m attending NYU, I have access to For those who don’t know: “ is a leading online learning company that helps anyone learn business, software, technology and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals. Through individual, corporate, academic and government subscriptions, members have access to the video library of engaging, top-quality courses taught by recognized industry experts.” 

I’ve been going through some photography courses. They are amazing. isn’t free. If you can afford it, I highly recommend it. They do offer a 10-day free trial.

I also subscribed to:
YouTube Channel: Phlearn Photoshop and Photography Tutorials

Digital Photography School

Expert Photography

Photography Life

The Shutterstock Blog

I haven’t looked into it yet, but there are probably photography meetups. You can also search “Photography Tips” on Pinterest.

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DeviantArt– free stock photos available

Do you have a go-to site or hashtag for photography tips and tricks? Comment below!