What’s on Your Fall Bucket List?

Happy October What's on Your Fall Bucket List?

I used to look forward to Fall. I still do, kinda. If you follow this blog or my Instagram account, you know I got into infrared photography. It works best in the summer when leaves are green. Now, I won’t be able to capture those fantasy landscapes. At least not as much as I used to.

But, autumn colors are magical. Hiking through a fall-covered forest is like stepping into another world. And it is October. The Month of Horror. Got some things to get excited bout.

Infrared Photography in Fall

Even though all the tips say infrared photography works best in summer, I obviously need to see for myself. On top of that, there are evergreens. I still have plenty of experimenting to do. I’ll be doing infrared photography even if it’s not summer.

Fall like Infrared Photograph

Halloween Maps

In the post Creating Fictional World Maps with Inkarnate, I talked about my new adventure in map-making. Inkarnate has a fairly broad definition of maps. In honor of The Month of Horror, I’ve been working on spooking maps. Here’s my current WIP:

Horror Abandoned Town Map

Fall Book Release

Since Halloween is coming up, this month I’ll be releasing Book 3 of my Other Investigator Series: The Cursed Society. Kiran and En have started their own investigation business in the most haunted city in the country, Massort. Before they take on any clients, they need to banish the dangerous entities haunting their new home base.

Fall Paranormal Book Release

More Hiking Trips (Hopefully)

This year I had planned on hiking the Adirondack Mountains during peak autumn season. That’s unlikely to happen. Money issues. But I can take my regular hiking trips in the Hudson Highland State Park. NY is gorgeous during the fall.

New York in Autumn

That’s what going on with me. Happy October!

Thanks for stopping by! What’s your favorite way to enjoy the new season? Please share in the comment section.

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5 thoughts on “What’s on Your Fall Bucket List?

  1. This season is made for you and your dark horror/fantasy tales, Auden! Your infrared pix and world-building maps are awesome. Hope you get to take more hikes. Fall foliage is amazing and great for photos,

  2. Wish I was there in New York this fall! I can only imagine the photos you will get with your skills! Since I live in the California desert, palm trees don’t provide much fall color. That’s why we try and visit nearby Oak Glen every year with the grandkids. It’s only about 40 minutes away, but in the hills with autumn foliage and many activities for the kids.

  3. Wow, that map of yours is amazing, Auden!
    I bet the seasons do bring you challenges with your photography. Fall is a beautiful time as we share somewhat the same weather.
    I need to look into your books for my hubby. Which one would you suggest he read first, or does it matter?
    Have a wonderful fall and I hope you get to relax and enjoy the season.

    1. Thanks Rosie! Most of my books are standalone so your husband can mostly start anywhere. If he’s looking for a series, I would recommend The Unburned Island.

  4. Hi Auden, I always love seeing what you do with your infrared lens, I certainly hope you do keep experimenting during the warmer months. Congrats on the new release, I hope it receives great readership.

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