You can’t just use social media. You have to examine it. Watch for any new trends.

I’m noticing more people are putting hashtags in their Twitter bio. Some articles about Twitter profiles say don’t do this while others say it’s okay. I think the profile looks more attractive without the hashtags.

In the past, if someone followed me and they had hashtags in their bio, I wouldn’t follow them back. The practice screamed Twitter Newb. Now, most people who follow me have hashtags in their bio. Some of these accounts have more followers than I do. I lightened up. Now, it depends on the way they use hashtags. I’ll follow back if the bio isn’t packed with hashtags just for the sake of it.

Who knows, maybe if I throw in a few hashtags, my rate of followers per day will increase. People seem to use the practice to increase search engine optimization (SEO). If you’re going to use hashtag in your profile, please don’t include more than three, and three is pushing it.

I think this is a matter of personal preference.

Side note: If your Twitter profile doesn’t have a header image, please add one. The header function has been around long enough for it to become standard practice now.

What do you think about hashtags in a Twitter bio?

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