Photography is Life: Spring in Winter

We had beautiful weather over the weekend. Perfect for walking to the park with my dog, Oreo, and my new camera!

I’ve been trying to sell more of my pictures on Shutterstock but they keep getting rejected. First I has exposure problems. I took a course and read a few articles. I generally don’t have that problem anymore. But, the subject is too soft when viewed at 100%. It’s a problem with my camera. I started “serious” photography with a Canon Powershot. It takes amazing pictures, but they’re only perfect for sharing on social media.

Since I want to sell my photos as stock images, I needed an upgrade. On Friday, I bought a Canon EOS Rebel T5i. My first DSLR camera. I love it! I wanted something a step up from my Powershot without paying over a $1,000. I can’t spend my rent on a new camera.

I took the camera to the park on Saturday to get to know it. I had so much fun and Oreo, as always, enjoyed herself. She’s 8 but she still acts like a puppy.

I finally captured shots that still look clear when viewed at 100%. Hopefully, Shutterstock will accept some of theses photos. Cross my fingers.

Update: Shutterstock accepted some of my photos!!! Find them HERE.

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Enjoyed the unusually warm weather over the weekend. Took my dog and new camera to the park.
Posted by Auden Johnson on Sunday, February 21, 2016

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