Why do you use Goodreads?

I’m working on my thesis project for grad school and I’d like your help. I’m creating a business plan for a Goodreads-like online community that focuses on diverse books in speculative fiction–fantasy, sci-fi and horror.

Diversity in fiction is one of my passions.

The community/blog would be a place where readers can find non-traditional speculative fiction titles–books with POC, people with disabilities and those a part of the LGBTQ community. It would  also be a place where authors can learn how to write diverse characters i.e. describing skin color, realistically portraying a blind character, for example.

I’m working out the different functions of the site/community. I’m modeling it, for the most part, after Goodreads. 
Answering some questions about your experience with Goodreads would really help a lot with my project. Your names will not be recorded. Filling out the below survey should take no more than 5 minutes. The project is for NYU’s M.S. in Publishing program.
Thank you so much for your help!! Please share this post! You can also access the survey HERE.

I’ll be more than happy to share the results when the survey is finished.