Dark Mythical Creature: The Vampire-Demon Hyena

Since it’s October, let’s talk about a dark mythical creature.  I have a thing for canine creatures. Don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I’m a dog person. I stumbled across the Kishi. Didn’t really find a whole lot about this beast. But what I did find sounded interesting…and terrifying.

The Kishi is a two-faced demon in Angola in South Africa. According to legend, a Kishi has an attractive human man’s face on the front of its body and a hyena’s face on the back. Kishi is said to use their human face, smooth talk and charms to attract young women. Similar to vampires. They eat with their hyena face which is said to have long sharp teeth and a strong jaw that locks onto its victims.

In its human disguise, it will take a wife and impregnate her. After she gives birth to its child, the Kishi will kill her. It then raises the two-headed child in its home under the sea, where the child becomes a flesh-eater like its father.