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What Is Fantasy Photography?

Ever come across a scene that looks straight out of a fantasy book? I guess that may be different for everyone. From what I’ve seen, most see it as photos of people dressed as elves, royalty, fairies or other fantasy characters or people being digitally altered to look like mythical creatures.

Here are some examples:
This Photographer Builds Her Fantasy Worlds by Hand, No Photoshop
Ethereal Portraits of Women Who Look Like They’re Straight Out of a Fairy Tale

I didn’t know that until I did some research. I had my own definition of fantasy photography.

Quaint houses surrounded by nature, making you think you’re about to step into another world.

Buildings painted with bright colors.

Sometimes, it’s just about finding the right subject and photographing it from an interesting perspective.

These cluster of buildings look like one big fortress.

It could involve windows to beautiful landscapes.

Or a plant that looks like it’s from another world.

That’s the thing. It’s fantasy photography if the scene tells a story of other worlds.

This is one of my favorite fantasy photos. Unfortunately, I was still new to photography. I captured this scene in the middle of a summer day when the sunlight was too harsh. This was before I knew the magic of shooting RAW. Lightroom worked wonders on fixing this photo, but I wish I could recapture this scene.

Photography is a lot like writing. Ever come up with a brilliant line but didn’t write it down, assuming you’d remember it? When you’re in front of the journal or device, trying to recall the exact words, you realize you can’t. Everything you come up with it close but you can’t recapture the magic.

I’ve tried returning to scenes to retake a photo. It always comes out different and not nearly as good as the first image.

Anyway, fantasy photography, for me, often means buildings that tell stories, especially ones with towers.

But, that wasn’t my first tower. It was this one.

Not simply towers on their own. Usually, nature sprinkles the subject with something extra like:


Snow, bright green trees,

Even a beautiful sky.

All photos tell a story. If you photograph a scene and think of magic and far-off lands, then, I think you can call it fantasy photography.

3 thoughts on “What Is Fantasy Photography?

  1. I like the way your mind works. Yes, all of these scenes look like they belong in a fantasy setting!

  2. I find late in the day or early is best for photographic conditions. Barring that, getting the sun behind you also works.

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