#BookLovers’ Day Hop: Best Fantasy Book Tropes (In My Humble Opinion)

Every day is a good day to celebrate books but it is cool to have an Internet holiday for bookworms. National Book Lover Day is August 9! I used to get teased for reading too much. It’s nice to know we now have a day to celebrate those who “read too much.”

Some bookish pals and I are blogging about our love for books. I wanted to do something fun. A couple of posts ago, I shared some fantasy tropes that make me put down a book. This time, I’m sharing tropes that have me devouring a story.

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Superpowers (and they embrace it)
The main character has a special ability. It could be dark, light or neutral. They embrace it, using it like their power is a vital limb, like it’s a muscle that needs exercising.

It’s my top trope. I love main characters with powers who don’t spend book after book complaining about how they just want to be normal. It’s difficult to find stories where the main character has some magical ability, which is why I turn to manga. In most novels, it’s the side character with the powers. The story is rarely told from their perspective.

Give me a character with some darkness. They’re willing to get dirty for the right reason. Pure, sweet characters tend to get on my nerves. Morally gray characters, for me, are more relatable and more interesting to read.

Non-Tradition Settings
Most fantasy stories are set in a pseudo-Medieval Europe setting. I’m fine with it but, I love stories based off of non-western locations and cultures or set in a non-traditional world such as a place with some advance technology. Not sci-fi just a fantasy character who drives a motorized vehicle. Fairy Tail does something like this where they use magic to bring the world more advanced technology. Another reason why I prefer manga.

Witty Banter
One of my favorite series is a collection of regular fantasy stories about royalty finding romance. No magic. No grand quest. No horror. Little action. The series is only fantasy because it’s set in a made-up world.  I shouldn’t like those books but they’re some of my favorites because of the witty dialogue.

Magical Blades
It’s the manga/anime fan in me. I love, love a magical weapon.

Found Family
Dark circumstances bring a group of people together. Some may be related, some not. This group, despite most or all not being blood-related, despite coming from different backgrounds, become family after overcoming obstacles together. I love a story like that.

Good Friends
They’ve known each other for years. They could practically tell what the other is thinking. They know each other inside and out. It’s fun reading and writing about friends who are so close they’re practically family.

Unique Races and Beasties
I don’t mind an elf, dwarf or fae but I’d much rather read a story about, either lesser known or completely made-up race of beings. It’s hard not to roll my eyes when I read about yet another beautiful elf society.

Same with beasties. I don’t mind dragons but other critters…I’d much rather read stories with some Pokemon level of creativity when it comes to animals.

I get excited when the main cast of characters includes people of different skin colors and the author didn’t lean on stereotypes, like the sassy black friend. They aren’t just there to help the main character on their quest. They bring something important to the table.

End of the World
For some reason, I like a good end of the world kind of story. Maybe it’s the survival and the rebuilding aspect of it.

Antagonist turned Ally

Prince Zuko from The Last Airbender comes to mind. The character spends most of the series hating someone. Then, through circumstances and growth, the enemy becomes a good friend. Fairy Tail is also an expert at turning enemies into allies. 

What’s your favorite book trope?

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6 thoughts on “#BookLovers’ Day Hop: Best Fantasy Book Tropes (In My Humble Opinion)

  1. Wonderful post, Auden! I have never really searched out Fantasy genre stories to read, yet everytime I do find that I enjoy it, so probably need to seek them out more, and very much appreciated your thoughts and analysis, agreeing myself with most all of them. Especially about the importance of diversity in stories and their not being stereotypical characters added solely for diversity's sake. That is important to me, too. Come to think of it, I did just pick up "The Girl Who Drank The Moon" by Kelly Barnhill in an Audible sale over the weekend because it sounded interesting. Does that count? Thanks for the wonderful information! ? ? ❤️

  2. Auden, I love fantasy, but 'light'' and not scary. One of my faves. series…outside Harry Potter, has ben The Lunar Chronicles, sy-fy fairy tale mash ups. I love their creativity and wind-wink humor in addition to overcoming clever challenges in their world. Thanks for sharing your fantasy book love!

  3. Hi Auden, my sons have read and watched anime for years, I've never been able understand their passion for it, until now, your explanations make it all so clearer and suddenly it makes sense. I found myself agree with so many of your points that I may now go back and take another look at some of those books.

  4. I need to be better about looking into these style of books. You explained them all so well Auden. I feel inspired now to check them out.

    Thanks for your post today. So interesting. Loved it!

  5. This post is great for those wanting to get into fantasy writing. You broke it down so well. Great advice. Let's celebrate "reading too much" (really, is there such a thing? lol).

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