Story and Photos: Alone in the Sky

We lived in the clouds.

I think, at some point, I had what humans called friends and family. They stayed long enough to teach me how to survive alone and get my assignment.

I’ve been on this island for longer than I remember. I could find the exact amount of years I’ve been up here but why would I want to?

We were watching but for what, no one would tell me. I didn’t know exactly what you’d call us or even our origins. My education didn’t include that information.

I observed and reported on the humans in my area.

Clouds shifted and covered the town below. Moving that obstruction would be a waste of energy. The town did little of interest. The recent snowstorm trapped most in a single location.

I could picture the island where I was born. The name disappeared from my memory years ago. I don’t know if it was an island. I called it so because I couldn’t see far past the end in any direction.

Back then, I did not yet know how to shift clouds.

Everyone looked human back home. We leaned towards brown and black skin and wilder hair. I hadn’t seen my reflection in years but I doubt my appearance changed much.

Humans would call this a lonely existence. Sometimes, I did wish for another’s company. But, I had Ara, a black feline large enough to ride. She was out now, delivering my recent report to those above.

I also had my stories. They made watching humans enjoyable. I wrote reports on those under my eye. Why not turn them into thrilling tales?

Those above requested I keep my reports to the facts, without the flowery language, but they were never forceful about it.

It would be nice, though, to have colors like nature down below. My island had nothing but bare trees, brown grass and a river that flowed off the edge. Some structures like buildings and bridges were spread throughout my home but I wouldn’t call them pretty.

I sat on that edge and peered down at the humans. The larger town in the east seemed incapable of resting. I could watch them from any place on my island but I liked this spot. It was comfortable for reasons I didn’t understand.

Ara returned. She was…what was she doing?

Interesting. A few visitors tried to sneak in behind her.

I headed towards her.

Breaks were opening across my human towns. They were easy to see from up here. These breaks had been forming for years. Something was about to happen. My humans could sense it but they seemed unable to put a name to it. The chaos made for an interesting story.

Ara approached with my blade in her mouth and shoes hanging from her teeth.

Fear wafted through the clouds. Some of it came from above. What did they know? Why wouldn’t they tell us? Maybe we were watching for these breaks. Maybe they would affect us as well.

I took the blade and slipped on my shoes, ready to greet my first guests.

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