It’s sad all Borders are closing but they’re having some awesome sales. I was near NY Penn Station a couple of days ago running an errand. As it happens, a large Borders is a couple of steps away from the station. Even from across the street, I saw the yellow sign in the window announcing their Going Out of Business Sale. What an awful sign to see in a bookstore window but it means all the books are on sale! I’d no intention of going to a bookstore (I’m avoiding them for the reason I mentioned in To-Read List), but how could I pass up a sweet opportunity like that? I didn’t find a thing I wanted but I wasn’t annoyed, I was pleased. The Writing Reference section had like one book left. The Horror and Fantasy section had been mostly picked clean. It was awesome! I was in the area again early Saturday and people were gathering outside waiting for the store to open.

 This was not the first Borders sale I went to. A couple of months ago, I received an email from Borders (I am a member after all) about a certain NY location’s Going Out of Business Sale and made a point of finding that store before it closed. Those shelves too had been nearly picked clean but I found a nice journal and a book I’d been looking for both at prices I couldn’t possibly pass up. The check-out line was enormous.

As I was going through Borders near Penn Station, I kept thinking of the article I read on GalleyCat not that long ago titled ‘I Hate Reading’ Facebook Page Earns 438,700+ Likes. Experiencing Borders’ Going Out of Business Sale, twice- it’s very hard to believe a significant amount of people hate reading. I wanted a more drawn out dialogue about this so I went to the forum on Reddit. It had a better discussion but not as many comments as I expected so I did a Google search. I still didn’t find a lot of discussions about this facebook page. Maybe people, like me, aren’t taking this too seriously. I was neither shocked nor depressed when I read this article probably because I’ve seen too much evidence to the contrary. No matter the form- print or eBook, I believe a great deal of people will always love to read.

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  1. I feel sorry for people who don't like to read. They are missing out on so much. As for Borders, that just breaks my heart.

  2. I have always love the feel of a book in my hands as I read it. As technology advanced, I always realized that at some point the traditional book would become obsolete and would be replaced with the next generation. well the next generation is here. Because I love the traditional reading I will grudgigly, with all that I have, eventually make the transition.:) It may not be the THING of my generation, but it is here. While I feel for Borders, life goes on.

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