Anime and Dark Fantasy Weapons

As you know, I pull a lot of inspiration for my stories from anime, especially powers, character features and weapons. Now, it’s time for anime weapons. I don’t simply mean how they operate. I mean how they look. Anime has some of the most creative-looking weapons and they usually have names and personalities.

1. Scythe

Scythes in anime are rarely just a long stick with a plain curved blade.

2. Sword
The swords can be as big as your body. The sheer details that go into them are amazing. For instance, in the first picture, this female’s blood is the best weapon against these monsters. So, she has this sword (katana) with grooves along the blade. When she cuts her thumb on the top edge of the katana, while gripping it to draw blood, the designed grooves allow her blood to flow into the channel and become distributed throughout the katana. Now, she has a weapon with her blood in the blade. In the second book of my trilogy, all my characters wield a sword with varying degrees of skill. Some favor the weapon more than others. None of their swords look or operate like an ordinary blade.

3. Zanpakuto 
It’s both a weapon and a power. I put this one in its own category because it’s my favorite type of weapon. It looks like an ordinary sword but it transforms into something else, something more powerful. The race of beings in my series uses their blades as a way of channeling their power to attack their enemies. It’s created from the power they keep inside themselves.

4. Guns
My characters use blades or their bodies as weapons. The humans use guns more but I had to include the one below because it’s so anime. In anime, you have guns that don’t look like guns and do more than just shoot bullets. This gave me the idea that, out of fear, humans would alter their weapons to be able to kill my non-human characters.

2 thoughts on “Anime and Dark Fantasy Weapons

  1. I collect replicas of weapons. I started out with swords, then moved to scythes and more exotic weapons. Love them, especially in dark fantasy fiction.

    I might post a blog entry if I can find a way to fit my obsession into something befitting. Then I can post the photos of my awesome collection!

    Love me some bad ass weaponry. 🙂

  2. Emphasis, of course, is that the weapons are so big they shouldn't be liftable.

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