I watch a lot of Animal Crossing Let’s Plays to get some ideas for my own island design. A couple of days ago a YouTuber I follow, TagBackTV, talked a lot about their tour of Rosewood. It’s a horror-themed island with a story. Apparently, YouTube kept suppressing the video because of that theme. This island seemed right up my alley but, for some reason, I didn’t search for the video. It never showed up in my recommendations. 

One day, I had YouTube playing in the background. I was half-watching it while working on something else. I was just letting YouTube do its thing, play more Animal Crossing videos. Eventually, this started playing.

I usually mark something as good if it pulls me away from my screens. I had to stop what I was doing to watch this video.

Now, I understand why TagBackTV recommended this particular island tour. It has a cool immersive story behind the design. That is a well-done island. This is only Part 1. I can’t wait for Part 2. I’d recommend subscribing to TagBackTV if you’re looking for some Animal Crossing advice.

I’ve been wanting to change up my island design but I couldn’t think of what to do. This island gave me inspiration to turn mine into a kind of paranormal hotspot. I’m also throwing in some cult undertones. My island theme is “looks normal but something’s not right.” 

Animal Crossing New Horizons Island Design Inspiration


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