best horror movies on netflix

Best Horror Movies and Shows to Watch on Netflix

best horror movies on netflix

A movie is giving you serious nope vibes and you are loving it. Ever have that experience? What are the best scary horror movies to watch on Netflix? What are some bingeable TV shows that’ll get you in the Halloween mood? Here are my favs. These are in no particular order.


I debated on adding this to the list. Castlevania is one of my horror series but I don’t find it scary. Still love it.


If you’ve seen and enjoyed Paranormal Witness, you may like Haunted. This docuseries, though, doesn’t only deal with “true” paranormal stories. They talk about serial killers and cults.

As Above So Below

You’dd think the Paris catacombs would inspire some scary supernatural horror movies. I’ve only seen one good movie set in that location. As Above So Below is one of my favorites. I watch it over and over.

Dark Skies

It’s rare for me to find a horror movie I love but have trouble rewatching. The Descent is one. Sinister is another. Now, I’m adding Dark Skies to the list.

The Haunting of Hill House

Most of you have probably seen The Haunting of Hill House. This horror series knows how to tell a good story.

The Autopsy of Jane Doe

I enjoyed this movie. Is it a masterpiece in horror? Not really. It’s watchable. If you’ve see enough horror movies, you know most of them are just the worst. As in, so bad you can’t make it to the ending. I wouldn’t have paid to see this movie but it’s good for a night in.

Sleepy Hollow

Do you remember DVDs? I loved Sleepy Hollow so much I bought the DVD. Still have it. Now, it’s on Netflix.

Love Death and Robots

It’s kind of trippy but it works. I’ve been meaning to rewatch this series. It’s mostly a collection of sci-fi, fantasy and horror shorts. Still waiting for a second season. This series has some nudity and sex. If you don’t want to see all that, I’d suggest skipping it.

The Haunting of Hill House is included but not Bly Manor because I haven’t seen it yet. I had planned on watching it until I learned it was based on The Turn of the Screw. That’s not my favorite story but, I’ll probably still watch the series because I love The Haunting of Hill House

Also, I mention in my post on the Winchester House that I hadn’t seen the 2018 movie based on that house. Winchester‘s on Netflix. That too is not on this list because I haven’t seen it yet but I plan to. 

Devilman Crybaby seems to be an interesting horror anime. It’s on my watch list.

Spectral is also a pretty good sci-fi horror movie but it’s not scary. 

best horror movies on netflix

What do you think are the best horror movies on Netflix right now? TV shows? Comment below.