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Happy Halloween. Download a Dark Fantasy Horror Book for Free

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Happy Halloween. To celebrate, download a new dark fantasy horror story, The Wailing Town. It’s free today only. 

Halloween is kind of bittersweet. All month, horror lovers have been looking forward to this day. But after today, the Month of Horror will be over.  I’ve been reserving a few horror movies just to binge today including Blackwell Ghost 5. What are your Halloween plans?

dark fantasy horror ebook

At night, everyone screams.

Kiran Ava hears ghostly calls all the time. Spirits drag her out of bed in the middle of the night. She only wants to recover but they won’t give her peace. Her partner, En Libore, suggests they need a vacation. 

Shida, with its wards, history and isolation, was supposed to be safe. Why do the residents scream when darkness falls? Kiran is curious but in no condition to investigate. Spirits, though, don’t care. They guide her away from everyone into the Dark Hills, a mountain range haunted by an old monster. Kiran sees things, hears things that could drive her to madness. 

She is by herself in darkness but she is not alone.


The nurse guided her to a room. Blood replaced the taste of ash in her mouth. A smell like old unwashed bodies and rotting meat chased her to the bathroom. Rinsing her mouth didn’t eliminate the coppery taste. She emptied her stomach of everything she ate since she was ten. Still, the smell lived in her nose. It expanded in her throat. Kiran raced out of the room. She kept running. Kiran didn’t know why. She had to get away. Then, her energy was gone. She dropped to the floor. En and the nurse were beside her as soon as she stopped.

“What did your coach say to do when things like this happened?” The nurse said.

Kiran took a slow deep breathe through her nose and released it through her mouth. 

“There you go.” 

Gentle power ran across Kiran’s skin as the nurse examined her.

“Keep breathing.” She handed her a piece of candy.

Kiran took it without looking. It was sweet enough to chase away the bitter taste. If only it was strong enough to destroy the memory. 

“We researched that room beforehand. We thought it would be safe. I apologize.”

Kiran nodded.

“Do you feel well enough to stand or do you need more time?”

Kiran reached out her hand to En. He helped her up.

The nursed led them to an empty room that smelled like a flowery perfume. It brought up memories of long summer days relaxing at home. A motherly voice hummed a sweet tune in the corner.

“Ms. Ophelia used to stay in this room. Everyone loved her. She was a sweet woman.” The nurse guided Kiran to a bed. “We had wanted to put you somewhere with no spirit attachment but that seems to be impossible.”

“The Mother of Morningside,” En said.

The nurse smiled. “This place felt darker after she left us. But she returned a few days later and refused to leave.”

The nurse pulled a chair seat in front of her and hovered her hands over Kiran’s torso. A slight warm sensation rolled through Kiran’s body.

The nurses tapped her ears. Kiran sighed and took off her ear muffs. Sounds blasted through her as though annoyed at being quietened. A child wailed but a sweet humming seemed to calm it and other voices.

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The Wailing Town is Book 2 of the dark fantasy horror series The Other Investigators. You can enjoy it without having read the first book. The Unburned Island is Book 1 and it’s now available.