Magical nature landscape photography to inspire you

Journey to Other Worlds with Stunning Nature Photos

Writing was my first love but, since college, I’ve also gravitated towards photographing architecture and landscapes. Then, one year, I broke my camera and I didn’t have the money to replace it. For awhile, I was stuck with my phone. I’m about the date myself, but back in my day, camera on phones were irritating. As soon as I had the funds, I got a Canon Powershot camera. Then began my photography passion.

To Other World with stunning nature photos

You’d think writing and publishing a book with little text and mostly images would be easier. It wasn’t. Probably because I was using IngramSpark for the first time instead of Amazon. The headache was worth it. The hardback came out so pretty. I can’t stop looking at it. 

Book of stunning nature photos

To Other Worlds is different kind of photo book. On this blog, I started a series like this one: Story and Photos: Alone in the Sky. To Other Worlds is just like that. A short story inspired by nature photos.

A natural scene can conjure tales of magical fortress, fairy tale houses and treks across colorful terrain in search of a mythical object. Imagination is a funny thing. It seems so much easier to grasp as a child. Then, reality sets in and it gets in the way. You have trouble just letting your mind wonder. You can’t see the castle in the cardboard box. Nature’s magic can revive your imagination. It can inspire a story.

Journey to other worlds with full-color photos that will make you feel like they were captured on an epic fantasy quest. Maybe some of these photos will ignite your imagination.

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