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    Guest Post: Author Photos: 6 Tips for Taking Flattering Bio Pics You’ll Actually Like

    Your bio picture holds a lot of power. It will become one of your most-prized assets in a book cover, website, or marketing materials. In this article, we’re sharing tips for taking flattering bio pics you’ll actually like, and that can best represent your writing style and genre. Bio pics should be realistic yet memorable. With some research, preparation, and proper equipment, you can have several professional-looking bio pics that can speak to your target audience and gain new readers. 1. Identify Your Message An author brand consists of a book cover, book description, author biography, and bio picture that showcase your personality, tone, and genre. Since this picture can…

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    What Is Fantasy Photography?

    Ever come across a scene that looks straight out of a fantasy book? I guess that may be different for everyone. From what I’ve seen, most see it as photos of people dressed as elves, royalty, fairies or other fantasy characters or people being digitally altered to look like mythical creatures. Here are some examples: This Photographer Builds Her Fantasy Worlds by Hand, No Photoshop Ethereal Portraits of Women Who Look Like They’re Straight Out of a Fairy Tale I didn’t know that until I did some research. I had my own definition of fantasy photography. Quaint houses surrounded by nature, making you think you’re about to step into another…

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    Book Marketing: Your Guide to Photographing Books in Nature

    I like to photograph nature. I’m also a bookworm and journal collector. Why no combine the 2? I post the pictures on Instagram but, mostly, I do this because it’s fun. I love planning what books and journals I’m going to pack. I get lost in looking at a scene, setting up the book and photographing it at different angles. It’s fun to look at the results and see that they came out better than expected. Even if the experiment failed, I know what not to do next time. These kinds of photos could be great for a book marketing campaign. View this post on Instagram A post shared by…