• Hudson Highlands State Park Breakneck Ridge trail
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    Nature Photography: Chasing the View

    I am just going to open with this video. Sorry about the camera shake. I’d suggest watching it with the volume on. You’ll hear how tired I was before reaching this view. I knew this hike was going to be difficult but I hadn’t expected stretches of trails that could scarcely be called walkable paths. At one point, I lost the next trail marker. I followed a path that looked like a path but I couldn’t see the next marker. I found it a few minutes later, up the side of a mountain. It’s technically a trail but it’s difficult to spot from below. This is the kind of trail…

  • Hiking Adventures,  Landscape Photography

    The Ruins of Hudson Highlands

    She used to hunt for silence like you would burried treasure. Now, the forest was quiet. The ruins no longer spoke to her. She thought she’d miss the voices. She didn’t. She missed the stories.  ….   Even before COVID, I avoided heavily trafficked trails. I hike because I want to be away from people. And, it’s difficult to take good photos if a lot of people are in the way. Adobe Photoshop’s Content-Aware tool has gotten better at removing people from photos but I’d rather not rely on that. I made an exception this weekend because I wanted to the ruins in Hudson Highlands State Park. Should’vet gone during…

  • Hiking Adventures,  Landscape Photography

    Life Lessons While Hiking to Bull Hill/Mt. Taurus Overlook

    Don’t look at someone on top of the mountain and forget they had to climb to get there. Thoughts like that kept crossing my mind as I hiked up Mt. Taurus/Bull Hill near Cold Spring, NY. Living in NY for 11 years, the crowds and the closeness are starting to get to me. More often, I spend my weekends hiking the Hudson Valley. I haven’t done it in months because everything was closed. Since NY is opening, so are the trails. But COVID isn’t gone. I had to be careful. I left my apartment earlier than usual to avoid any crowds on public transportation. I chose a trail said to…